2023 UniverCity Participants Graduate

Cue the pomp and circumstance, the City’s inaugural UniverCity class has officially graduated! The program participants, which included 18 San Marcos community members, were honored on June 6, 2023, after completing an eight-week program to learn about the City and the services it provides to residents. Almost every City department presented to the class to share more about what they do, including: 

  •  Information Technology
  • Finance
  • The San Marcos Regional Airport
  • The San Marcos Police Department
  • Emergency Management 
  • The City Marshals Office
  • The San Marcos Fire Department
  • Neighborhood Enhancement
  • The San Marcos Public Library
  • Public Works
  • Human Resources
  • Utilities 
  • Planning and Development Services
  • Engineering & Capital Improvements

Joe Gibson was part of the inaugural UniverCity class roster. He recently moved to San Marcos and enjoyed getting to know everyone involved.  

“My favorite thing about taking part in the UniverCity Program was meeting the people, both the attendees and the presenters,” Gibson said. “Everyone I met had a passion for the city and wanted it to succeed well into the future.” 

Gibson said he believes his interest in the City has grown since completing the program, and said he feels better equipped to advocate for San Marcos in the future.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this program for residents for many reasons," he said. "First, we should all know the people behind the services that we can easily take for granted. Second, we should all learn why these city services should never be taken for granted.”

Liz Castañeda has been a San Marcos resident since 1999. She also participated in the program and said the program taught her that all City employees work for the betterment of San Marcos. 

“It takes every single employee for the city to run appropriately,” she said. “We often look to the mayor or the city manager to provide information, but there are whole teams working together to keep the city afloat.”

The second installment of the UniverCity Program will be in Spring 2024.

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