Inside Look at the Junior Fire Academy

The Junior Fire Academy, hosted by the San Marcos Fire Department, just wrapped up its second session. As far as the campers tell us, it was a jam-packed learning experience about what it’s like to be a San Marcos Firefighter. 

We had the chance to talk to four campers about their experience. 11-year-old Jackson, 8-year-old Jaylee, 11-year-old Willow, and 10-year-old Milah already had a lot to tell us about, even on their third day of the JFA. As of Wednesday, the campers already had ridden 100 feet up in a bucket, taken a ride on an army truck, learned how to perform CPR, and broke down a steel door.

“The obstacle course was pretty fun, where we put together stuff that we learned in that day and we did a rescue dummy thing,” Jaylee said. The “rescue dummy thing” she’s referring to is a dummy that once is turned on, breathes like a real-life human, and even has a pulse and blood pressure. 

Campers also had the chance to throw ladders and handle tools on their own. Not only did they play the part, but they also looked the part. Kids wore “bunker gear” during their week at JFA, which included a helmet, glasses, gloves, pants, and even a jacket like San Marcos firefighters wear. 

“I’m prepared for anything if I become a firefighter,” Jackson said. 

 “This camp has been really fun; it’s been super-duper fun. And at some point, in my brain, I want to be a firefighter,” Willow said.

Other kids were actually taken by surprise by how fun the JFA was.

“Whenever I got here, I thought it would be so boring and I ended up having a blast,” Milah said. “Even though you’re learning a lot of good stuff, they don’t make it boring for you. They make you do stuff instead of just sit there and tell you, and learning. So that’s what makes it fun.”

The JFA is hosted by the San Marcos Fire Department every summer. While this summer’s sessions just came to an end, you can always look out for the application next year on 

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