The History of the SMPD Blue Santa Program

We all know about the Santa in the bright red suit. But, what about Blue Santa, Brown Santa, and even Green Santa? Are these Santas of different hues simply aberrations of persons who had too much eggnog? Not hardly!

These Santas of different hues are actually programs sponsored by police officers and sheriff deputies to provide some Christmas cheer to less fortunate children in the communities served by their law enforcement agencies. Each year in October and November, the SMPD Blue Santa Program starts gearing up and will soon be in full swing. The Blue Santa program has been in place now for 47 years with the San Marcos Police Department

Blue Santa

Local Involvement

In 1972, the San Marcos Police Department, led by Sergeant Jesse Guerra, became involved in the "Blue Santa" program. The program literally began as police officers in uniform, who solicited or purchased toys and delivered them to a less fortunate child in the community.

Program Growth

As needs grew, so did the program. Sergeant Guerra began to solicit toys, cash donations, and the assistance of groups such as The Southside Community Center and The Food Bank. A short while later, the Christmas Bureau was formed and helped to make this event even larger and more successful.

Passing of the Torch

For 24 years, Sergeant Guerra managed the SMPD portion of the program. In 1996, Sergeant Guerra turned the program over San Marcos Police Officer Larry Sowards. Officer Sowards continued to help the program grow by recruiting more organizations to assist such as The San Marcos Police Academy Alumni Association and Texas State sororities and service clubs.

The CPAAA, along with other volunteers, provided not only financial support but also assisted with organizing gift wrapping events, sorting and delivering of toys, and other much needed functions.

The Blue Santa torch has been passed to Corporal Laray Taylor with the San Marcos Police Department. So, it is at this time that I am asking that you or someone you know take part in Blue Santa by making some form of donation. The donation can be a new and unwrapped toy, cash or check donations directly to Blue Santa, any materials that could be used for wrapping gifts or even providing volunteers to help wrap gifts.

You Can Help

Please email Corporal Taylor, or call 512-754-2270, and offer your assistance! By being involved, we will make sure that each child has a Christmas in San Marcos.