San Marcos Development Code

The new San Marcos Development Code and associated Design Manual was adopted on April 17, 2018. Code SMTX was the process to update the City of San Marcos Land Development Code. The Code contains our rules for development and regulates the use of land. The Code was revised so that new development fits the community’s Vision for the future as established in Vision San Marcos Comprehensive Plan.  The updated Code will help address growth pressures on our city by:
  • Relieving development pressure on existing neighborhoods and the San Marcos River by accommodating future growth in well-planned areas where people can meet their daily needs within a short walk, bike, transit trip, or drive.
  • Protecting existing neighborhood character within areas of stability by providing a framework and tools that complement the existing character.
  • Clarifying, streamlining and simplifying the Code so the rules are clear and easy to follow.
  • Creating a more predictable built environment based on community desires expressed in our city's Vision.