Our Fee schedule has been updated as of October 1, 2018. Please refer to new fee schedule for detailed list of associated fees.

Fire Marshal Division Fee Schedule (PDF)

Technology fee of $11 applies to all requests in addition for permit fees

Sprinkler & Alarm Permits

Approval is required before work starts. Inspections are possible based on scope of work.

More Than 10 Devices

  • Permit Required
  • Follow application requirements
  • Provide plans with supporting documents
  • Submit permit online
  • Tech fee applies
  • Permit fee applies
  • Review(s)
  • Print approved plans
  • Inspections

Less Than 10 Devices

  • No permit required
  • The following items must be completed:

Additional Permits

Permits are also required for:

  • First Responder Access - Door access
  • Fixed Suppression Systems
  • Fuel Storage tanks (AST/UST greater than 500 gallons)
  • Gate Access
  • Generator - if supporting life safety systems
  • Residential Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Special Event