San Marcos City Cemetery Lots

If you would like to view cemetery lots that are available for purchase, please contact our Cemetery Caretaker, Jay Cody, at 512-748-9671. Once you have selected the lots you would like to purchase, payment can be made via phone by calling the Parks and Recreation Department at 512-393-8400. All other inquiries may be emailed.


  • Burial Lot
    • Residents-Level 1 – Residents of San Marcos or a person that owns property inside the zoned city limits of San Marcos: $1,950
    • Non-Residents-Level 2 – Any person not living in the zoned city limits of San Marcos: $2,450
  • Filing Fee: $26

Please note that all cemetery lots will increase by $50.00 on October 1st of each year.Done Editing

Columbarium Niches

  • None available at this time. New niches coming soon. Please check back for updates.
  • Perpetual Care

Serenity Garden

  • $200
  • Designated location in cemetery where ashes can be spread
  • Includes nameplate for memorial plaque

Podium Plaque in Chapel

  • $75
  • Podium with memorial plaques affixed
  • Located under the Chapel

Cemetery Benches

  • Benches located at Cemetery Chapel: $200
    • Must get approval from Cemetery Commission
  • Benches located elsewhere in cemetery: $3,200
    • Placed in pre-designated locations
    • Cost covers foundation, bench and plaque