City Marshals

The San Marcos City Marshal’s Department is made up of four divisions: the Deputy Marshal division, the Municipal Court/Warrant division, Park Ranger division, and the Parking Enforcement and Towing Compliance Division. 

Deputy Marshals are law enforcement officers that protect the parks and surrounding areas to ensure the safety of park patrons. They patrol all city parks and green spaces enforcing city ordinances.

Deputy Marshals also work in the municipal court as bailiffs and warrant officers. Bailiff duties include providing security for the municipal court. Warrant officer duties include delivering subpoenas and serving municipal warrants.        

The Park Rangers are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) who provide a medical response to city parks. Park Rangers also enforce city ordinances that have been implemented to protect park patrons.


The City of San Marcos currently has 1 City Marshal, 8 full-time Deputies, 3 part-time Deputies, 1 full-time lead bailiff, 1 part-time warrant Deputy, and 2 part-time Park Rangers. 

Values Statement

The San Marcos City Marshal’s Office and Park Ranger Program, in partnership with the community, are committed to the concept of shared responsibility to identify and solve community problems, to maintain the public safety, and to promote a sense of confidence and security among citizens while remaining astute to the principles and craft of traditional policing.

The employees of the San Marcos City Marshal’s Office and Park Ranger Program take great pride in professionalism. We pursue a working environment in which honesty, integrity, open communications and compassion are part of our character and culture.

The mission of the San Marcos City Marshal’s Office and Park Ranger Program is dynamic and ever-changing. In an effort to best serve our community and provide a safe living environment and high quality of life for our citizens, we strive to utilize our limited resources in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our community and our mission have never been more complex than they are today. The pace of change requires a continuing commitment to the training, education and professional development of our employees. We recognize that through a commitment to the highest professional standards, both in the selection and development of our personnel, we can meet the pace of change, instill pride in our community, and accomplish our dutiful obligations in a safe and professional manner. With diligence and devotion, we are committed to the attainment of excellence, an ongoing profession unto itself.

At no time in our history has the availability of technological tools played a more significant role in our ability to enhance our services to the public. We continue to evaluate and consider new applications for innovation in our duties, responsibilities, and conventional methodology. We procure and assimilate cost effective advancements in technology to augment our service delivery and communication within our community.

Effective police service is always considerate of both the human and humane realities of our world. The San Marcos City Marshal’s Office and Park Ranger Program instills in its employees and encourages the use of professional and responsible discretion, guided by effective policy and practice. Individual initiative, enthusiasm, and the value measured use of police discretion are rewarded.

Conduct Report

If we are to be successful in maintaining our cooperative and productive relationship with the public, it is important that we know when we are doing a good job and when we are not. If you have information that you believe is important for us to know, please provide a detailed description of the incident or circumstances through our online Conduct Report Form. We appreciate your participation and will use the information you provide to improve our service to the public. Please note, you may be interviewed by the person receiving this report.

Citation Questions

If you have questions concerning a citation please contact the San Marcos Municipal Court.

Location Markers

Many parks and trails have a unique marking system. Parks and trails have a letter designation such as RV for Rio Vista Park and a number system to indicate your location. If you need assistance look for a sign or pole marker such as RV22 and report that location to dispatch.