Timeline of Memorial Creation

Memorial Creation

In 2009 at the MLK march, the City of San Marcos erected a temporary sign at the intersection of LBJ and MLK Dr. The blue sign remained for six years while the work continued.

In 2010 Hays County commissioners transferred the 248 square feet located at the corner of LBJ and MLK Drives to the City of San Marcos for the memorial.


The City surveyed the space and local fundraising began. 150 local residents made contributions of $1 to $1000, eventually totaling $6736. Other donors included the League of Women Voters, the San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, and the MLK Celebration Poetry Slam at Texas State. The San Marcos Arts Commission approved the Crossroads Memorial grant for $100,000.

In 2011 a request for artists' qualifications brought submissions from 54 artists from across the United States. A selection committee worked for months to review each artist's qualifications.


They chose three finalists and in 2012, the finalists presented their designs to the selection committee and to over 100 local residents at the Activity Center. [photos] After deliberation, the committee and various commissions and the City Council unanimously chose Aaron Hussey's revised design which includes an image from the meeting between King and Johnson in the Oval Office on January 18, 1964, just over 50 years ago.


In 2013 at the MLK celebration, we celebrated the groundbreaking for the LBJ-MLK Crossroads Memorial. Planning for this dedication began with City staff and the Crossroads committee.

Dr. Dave Nolan's undergraduate Visual Storytelling class at Texas State made a film about the project.

The site was prepared and the concrete poured and the memorial installed. Sixteen years after the initial vision and six years after the planning began, the community dedicated the memorial.