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Posted on: April 5, 2017

Rumor: The City of San Marcos is charging fees for entry into the San Marcos River.

Fact: The City is not charging for access to the river or river parks, and has no plans at this time to implement park user fees.

The Parks Advisory Board and City staff made a presentation to the City City during the February 21, 2017 City Council meeting.  The board made several recommendations to alleviate overcrowding at the river parks during peak season that lead to safety and environmental concerns. The City Council directed staff to take immediate action on two of the recommendations:

  • Move picnic sites back away from river in all river parks: (Adding 30 additional tables away from the river)
  • Remove picnic tables and grills on Cheatham Street only (This area will be for accessing the river only)

The Council also directed staff to begin work an ordinance to be presented to Council for consideration during a public City Council meeting this spring. Park user fees were mentioned in the Parks Board recommendations, but Council did not direct staff to implement them. They asked that the following recommendations be included:

  • On –street parking removed on Cheatham Street at Rio Vista (Weekends and holidays only)
  • No shelter / tents except in designated picnic sites (Tents can only be used over a city provided picnic table)
  • No portable charcoal grills in city river parks (City Park to Lucio Park).

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