Is there lead in the water?
No lead has been detected in samples taken on September 16 throughout the city.

Lead readings above EPA action levels of 15 parts per billion were found in 5 of 12 test samples in the vicinity of the Hays County Government Center earlier in September. For more information please call 512-393-8009.

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1. Is there lead in the water?
2. Is the water safe to drink?
3. What are EPA action levels?
4. Does the City have a history of lead contamination in the water?
5. What is the City doing about these readings?
6. Where does lead contamination come from?
7. How can I tell if I have lead in my home water?
8. What can I do to reduce lead from my home’s drinking water?
9. What do I do if I believe City water is affecting my health?
10. Does this have anything to do with the Total Trihalomethanes letter I received this summer?
11. Where can I find more information?