What is a cycle track?

A cycle track is a separated bike lane or exclusive facility for bicyclists that is located within or directly adjacent to the roadway. One of the defining features of a cycle track is that it allows bicyclists to be physically separated from motor vehicle traffic with a vertical element, such as bollards. Cycle tracks are differentiated from standard and buffered bike lanes by the vertical element. They are differentiated from shared use paths (and sidewalks) by their more proximate relationship to the adjacent roadway and the fact that they are bike-only facilities.

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1. What is a cycle track?
2. How do I learn how to use the cycle track?
3. Who can use the cycle track?
4. Can two riders ride side-by-side (two abreast) in the same direction on the cycle track?
5. Is there a speed limit?
6. Who has right of way at intersections?
7. Can you park in the cycle track?
8. When will the cycle track be open south of MLK Drive?
9. Where can I find more information about bicycle infrastructure in San Marcos?
10. Where can I learn more about bicycle safety and riding tips?