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San Marcos City Cemetery


Cemetery Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Cemetery Lots

Cemetery lots are available for purchase at the San Marcos City Cemetery. To purchase a lot, residents can contact the Caretaker, Jay Cody, at 512-748-9671. He will make arrangements to show the available cemetery lots.

Once purchasers have selected the lots they wish to purchase, they may pay for them by calling 512-393-8400.

Prices for Cemetery Lots

  • Burial Lot - Lot fees increase every January 1st starting in 2022 by $50
    • Residents-Level 1 – Residents of San Marcos or a person that owns property inside the zoned city limits of San Marcos: $2,000.
    • Non-Residents-Level 2 – Any person not living in the zoned city limits of San Marcos: $2,500.
  • Payment Plan Administrative Fee: $50
  • Name Archival Fee: $50

Mausoleum Crypts Prices

  • Crypt: $1000
  • Name Archival Fee $50

Columbarium Niches Prices

  • Columbarium Niche: TBD (Following Construction of Columbarium)
  • Columbarium Niche Re-Opening Fee: TBD (Following Construction of Columbarium)
  • Ossuary Placement: TBD (Following Construction of Columbarium)
  • Ossuary Memorialization: TBD (Following Construction of Columbarium)

Serenity Garden Plaque & Name Archival

  • $200

Podium Plaque in Chapel Price

  • $75

Memorial Bench 

  • $3,200