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Neighborhood Enhancement Forms

  1. Code Compliance Rental Unit Registration Form
  2. Fence Staining Rental Waiver

    Fence Staining Kit includes the following equipment: a Greenworks Portable Electric Pressure Washer, Magnum X7 TrueAirless Sprayer,... More…

  3. San Marcos Helpers Service Request Form

    Form to take requests from seniors and individuals with disabilities in need of assistance with minor home or lawn maintenance or... More…

  1. Curb Painting Rental Waiver

    Curb Painting Kit includes the following equipment: 1 set of number stencils, 1 can black spray paint, 1 can white spray paint, 1 can... More…

  2. Power Washer Rental Waiver

    Power Washing Kit includes the following equipment: a Ryobi Portable Electric Pressure Washer, Extension Cord on Roller, and Bucket.

  3. Tree Trimming Kit Rental Waiver

    Use this form to rent the following equipment from the city of San Marcos Neighborhood Enhancement Department: a Tree Trimming Kit,... More…