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Parks and Recreation Forms

  1. Activity Center Visitor Registration

    Before using our facility, please fill out the following information. You must also check in with front desk staff to pay your daily... More…

  2. City Marshal and Park Ranger Conduct Report Form

    If we are to be successful in maintaining our cooperative and productive relationship with the public, it is important that we know... More…

  3. City of San Marcos Youth Activity Scholarship Application (2020-2021)
  4. Commemorative Tree, Bench, & Plaque Application

    Application for purchasing a commemorative tree, bench, podium plaque in the Cemetery Chapel, and Serenity Garden plaque.

  5. Open Public Event Application

    This form must be completed and submitted if you wish to host a special event on City park property.

  6. Veterans Memorial Plaque Order Form

    Honor a Veteran by purchasing a plaque to be placed on the wall of the Hays County Veterans Memorial. Each plaque order has three(3)... More…

  1. Amusement Vendor Request Form

    If you are interested in becoming an approved vendor in our park, please complete and submit this form. A department representative... More…

  2. City of San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department Coaching Application (2020-2021)
  3. City Recreation Hall Renaming Submission Form

    The City of San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department is accepting submissions for renaming the City Recreation Hall.

  4. Discovery Camp 2021 Parent/Guardian Evaluation
  5. Safety Management and ADA Compliance Plan

    This form must be completed and submitted two weeks prior to the event.