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City of San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department Coaching Application


  1. 1. Contact Information
  2. 2. Guidelines and Background Check Information
  3. 3. Criminal Background Check Consent
  • Contact Information

    1. This form is to only be completed if you are interested in coaching Parks and Recreation programs (Jr. NFL, Jr. NBA/WNBA, Snake League Soccer, etc.). If you are interested in coaching for San Marcos Youth Baseball Softball Association (SMYBSA) or Surge Soccer, please reach out to those organizations.

      Thank you for your interest in coaching youth sports with the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department. In order to move forward in becoming a coach with us, follow the steps below: 

      Step one: Fill out the form below to give consent for a background check. 

      Step two: Visit and ensure you have a working account.  

      Step three: Go to membership and choose Youth Sports Coach and check out to pay the $5 application fee. 

      Step four: Once you have filled out the background check consent (here) and purchased the membership (through ACTIVEnet), someone within our department will reach out to you regarding your coaching status.  

      Completion of the form, consent to run a check and the $5 application fee does not guarantee your ability to coach. If deemed necessary, our department reserves the right to deny a person’s ability to coach.  

    2. Do you have an assistant coach with whom you wish to coach?*
    3. What San Marcos Parks and Recreation sport(s) are you interested in coaching (check all that apply).*
    4. Age range of children coached in the past (check all that apply).
    5. Have you ever been convicted of a felony or other crime?*