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Vision SMTX: Kids Challenge

  1. Vision SMTX Comprehensive Plan Rewrite

    Thank you for participating in planning the future of San Marcos! The Vision SMTX project will help guide long-term decision making for topics such as housing, transportation, arts and culture, environmental protection, and land use. The perspectives of future generations are valuable to the project and we'd like to see what San Marcos youth envision for the future of their community!

    Submission Prompt: Share your vision for what you would like San Marcos to look like in the future!

    • Are there more parks?
    • Can you ride your bicycle there?
    • Where would you go to get ice cream?
    • How would you get from home to school?
    • What is missing in San Marcos currently that you would like to see in the future?

    Submit your ideas using art, essays, or poems!

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  4. By completing this form, you, the parent or legal guardian of the child, agree to grant the City of San Marcos permission to share your child's submission as part of the Vision SMTX Comprehensive Plan Rewrite. You agree that any or all of the material submitted may be used as part of this public project for City publications, promotions, and any third-party media coverage as the department deems necessary. We will not share your personal information or last name, but will keep some information for our records so we can keep in touch with you about the project if you choose to receive project updates..

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