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Public Safety and Industrial Customer Critical-Load Application

  1. Nonresidential customers that fall into public safety and industrial categories may apply for Critical Load status. 

    What is public safety and industrial Critical Load? 

    • Public safety: a customer for whom electric service is critical to maintain public safety; including but not limited to hospitals, emergency rooms, police stations, fire stations, and critical water and wastewater facilities.

    • Industrial: a customer for whom an interruption in electric service would create a dangerous condition or significant disruption on the customer’s premises.

  2. Does Customer/Facility Have Back-up Generation
  3. Critical Load status does not guarantee or ensure uninterrupted electric service or exclude customers from being included in ERCOT mandated rotating outages or planned service interruptions. Customers with Critical Load status are encouraged to have plans in place for on-site back-up generation in the event of power outages. 

    Designation of Critical Load status does not relieve a customer of the obligation to pay for electric service, and service may be disconnected for failure to pay. 

    Submission of this application does not automatically result in Critical Load status. Notification of the status granted will be provided to the customer at the mailing and email address provided. 

    For questions regarding Critical Load status, email SMTX Utilities at

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