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Veterans Memorial Plaque Order Form

  1. Veterans Memorial Order Form
    Honor a Veteran by purchasing a plaque to be placed on the wall of the Hays County Veterans Memorial. Each plaque order has three(3) lines of space for information. Examples include: name, rank, unit, service branch, service location, years of service. Complete and submit the form. After submitting this form, you must make payment of $75 per plaque by mailing a check or money order to: City of San Marcos, Attn: Veterans Memorial, 630 E. Hopkins, San Marcos, TX 78666 -OR- call our office at 512-393-8400 to make a payment over the phone. Installation of a plaque can take several weeks or months depending upon the number of plaques ordered because we must have three (3) names per plaque to place an order for installation.
  2. Examples
    plaque examples
  3. Each line on the plaque is limited to 23 characters including letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces.
  4. Write the name of the veteran as you want it listed.
  5. Use this line to note the branch of Service, Rank, Unit, or any other notation that is relevant and meaningful. Example: USAF Purple Heart
  6. Examples: WWII-France 1944-1945, Desert Storm 1991-92, Vietnam 1968-1970
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