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Development Services Customer Survey

  1. The City of San Marcos is committed to providing quality customer service and communications with each person we serve. We want to know how well we are meeting your needs and how we can better serve you. We Appreciate Your Input!
  2. What type of permit were you applying for?
  3. Was the permit process, including the documentation required and the timeframe to complete the permit, explained in a clear and friendly manner? [5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree]*
  4. Was the staff responsive to questions and concerns? [5=stronly agree, 1=strongly disagree]*
  5. If corrections were required, were the requirements (or instructions) straight forward and clear? [5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree]*
  6. Was the turnaround time (timeliness) of the permit process within your expectation? [5=strongly agree, 1=strongly disagree]*
  7. Was the actual permit turnaround the same amount of time you were told at the beginning of the process? [5=stronly agree, 1=stronly disagree]*
  8. If required, were you satisfied with the inspection process? (Requesting inspections, availability of inspections, courteousness of inspectors) [5=stronly agree, 1=strongly disagree]*
  9. Which of our MyPermitNow services did you use?
  10. If you used MyPermitNow, how satisfied with the software were you? [5=very satisfied, 1=not satisfied]*
  11. Optional Information:
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